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Haychley Webb is a linocut printmaker creating original pieces under the name Stellabox Designs. She began learning linocut in 2017 and quickly became enthralled by the medium with its endless possibilities for texture and representation. She has a studio in Norwich, Norfolk and creates linocut prints inspired by her life in Norfolk and travels in North America.


'The methodical and precise nature of linocut printmaking brings me calm in a busy world. I often 'see' the world in linocut - puzzling over how to recreate the light and shadow of the world on a block of linoleum. Each step of the process is intensely satisfying and carving each block a chance to try new cuts and techniques.'


Haychley creates her linocuts by hand with a wooden spoon or Slama and is an Arts Educator, regularly teaching printmaking across Norfolk. She grew up in rural Worcestershire where her enjoyment of art began. She has family in Canada and spent time there as a child and young adult which cemented her love of the natural world.


She has exhibited across Norfolk and in London. As a member of Find a Maker by Craft Festival, she has demonstrated her work in Cheltenham and has her first solo exhibition at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich in May 2024.

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