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Snowdrops original linocut print Pfeil tool green art by Haychley Webb at Stellabox Designs

What is linocut printmaking?


Linocut is a relief printmaking technique in which a design or pattern is carved into a sheet of linoleum using a variety of sharp hand held tools, often V and U shaped tools. Ink is then rolled onto a glass plate and a brayer is used to apply ink to the carved block surface. A sheet of paper is applied to the top of the inked block and a wooden spoon/baren/printing press used to transfer the ink onto the paper. Linocut as a printmaking art form began in the twentieth century and has been used by many prominent artists including Pablo Picasso.

Linocut printmaking is a big part of my daily life and I have an intense fascination with it - shared with you here on my blog.

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