I'm Haychley and I'm a traditional linocut printmaker based in Norfolk.

Here on my website you can browse my linocut prints by visiting my shop, read my printmaking tips and interview series, view my upcoming exhibitions and find out more about my linocut workshops in Norwich.

New linocut workshops announced

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If you'd like to discuss arranging a private workshop for a birthday/corporate event, etc. please contact me here​ or on Instagram.

What is linocut printmaking?

Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is hand carved using a variety of V and U shaped gouges. A brayer is used to apply ink to the carved block surface and then a sheet of paper is applied and rubbed/pressed to transfer the ink to the paper.

Linocut as a printmaking art form began in the twentieth century and has been used by many prominent artists including Pablo Picasso.

In this image here, you can see a linocut print called Star Girl. Next to it there is the linocut block that I carved to make this print and beneath that is a printmaking baren, the tutorial for which can be found here.

photo 09-04-2021, 14 58 22.heic

An example of the videos on my Instagram, applying ink to a William Morris inspired block for Christmas cards.