Haychley Webb is the printmaker and illustrator behind Stellabox.

She is a traditional printmaker hand printing linocut prints with a wooden spoon and a small press from her little studio in Norwich, Norfolk in the East of England. Growing up in the Worcestershire countryside, she moved to Norfolk in 2012. She began teaching herself printmaking in 2018 and was hooked on this wonderful medium right from the start.


Her rural upbringing, combined with the close proximity of The Norfolk Broads and coast close to her home, has meant that the natural world is a great influence on her prints. She has had a ​fascination with folklore and history from a young age and seeks to incorporate this into all her linocut prints.


Her philosophy around printmaking is to share and inspire. She writes an interview series called Meet the Printmaker that seeks to interview printmakers from around the world to explore their art and day-to-day lives as creatives.

She is verified member of People of Print (her profile can be viewed here) and part of the Shopping With Soul directory for London's prestigious Crafty Fox Market (the profile for which can be viewed here).

You can view a selection of her linocut prints here in her gallery and support her by visiting her Etsy shop here.

Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is hand carved using a variety of V and U shaped gouges. A brayer is used to apply ink to the carved block surface and then a sheet of paper is applied and rubbed/pressed to transfer the ink to the paper.

Linocut as a printmaking art form began in the twentieth century and has been used by many prominent artists including Pablo Picasso.

In addition to linocut prints, Haychley also hand carves rubber stamps that are mounted onto wooden blocks. These come in a variety of designs and can be found on her Etsy shop


These wood mounted stamps include custom stamps for small businesses. Logos and designs are commissioned and carved to be used on packaging and for lots of other practical purposes that help a small business to stand out. Examples of some of these wood-mounted stamps can be found in the gallery.

An example of the videos on my Instagram, applying ink to a William Morris inspired block for Christmas cards.

© 2021 by Haychley and Stellabox

Based in Norwich, Norfolk

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