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This is a hand printed linocut print called 'Belle of the Woods'.

It was inspired by an ancient Theban (Greek) scultpure I saw in an old art book. It depicted a Bell Idol - a representation of a Nature Goddess. The expression really captured me so I changed details and uses artistic license to translate it into my style and began sketching a design of it. It reminds me of the Easter Island figures the way she stares inquisitively out into the world.

It’s a limited edition print of 30. It is numbered, signed and titled.

This print does not come framed or mounted but is A4 size so is easily framed once you receive it.

It's been printed on Japanese HoSho (off-white) paper using a wooden spoon and small baren. It's made using the multiblock method of linocut printmaking.

Linocut is a form of relief printmaking whereby designs are carved into a block of linoleum. As all linocut prints are original, they are all unique and have slight variations.

Thank you for looking.

Linocut print 'Belle of the Woods' | original linoprint Nature Goddess

Only 7 left in stock
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