lino prints

Below is my current range of lino prints.

These hand printed original designs were carved on either traditional grey lino or Japanese vinyl on a variety of paper types.


You can see process video of my printing techniques on either my printmaking blog or Instagram /stellaboxdesigns.


Forage is a folklore inspired print that brings together nature and traditional folklore imagery.


The hare jumping over the full moon with the moth fluttering, the wild woman foraging for mushrooms in the forest and the pumpkins hiding amongst the trees all bring me a sense of peace when I look at this print.

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral with created by my frequent observations of the Norwich skyline dominated by the Cathedral and my imagination as to what may lurk inside.

I wanted to fill the Cathedral with gothic imagery.. moon phases, bats, candles, piles of potions and bones ans drying herbs.


Cassiopeia is a print I created based upon Greek Mythology. Cassiopeia was a beautiful woman who is said to have looked down on all others. In her arrogance, she said that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than all the sea nymphs (called Nereids). This enraged the sea God Poseidon who banished her to the sky.


I image the octopus to be a Nereid reaching up to where Cassiopeia looks down. The constellation of Cassiopeia is small and insignificant compared to the beauty of the Nereid as she fills the print and winds her way up towards the Milky Way.

Come in, my dear

Come in, my dear is a Gothic print welcoming you into the lair of the bat. I imagined this would look frightfully welcoming near the front door on the inside of someone's home.

I am very inspired by Gothic imagery and Victorian design and I filled this print with as much imagery as I could muster. There are moon phases, pumpkins, toadstools and even ghosts around the Art Deco inspired border.


Self is a print that I wanted to create to represent the hidden things about ourselves that nobody else sees.

I imagined the purple quartz to be emotional and physical pain and to signify the things we cannot see in others just by looking at them.

The edge of the print is made from bronze leaf and no two prints are alike because of how the leaf disintegrates when used.

Solum Luna

Solum Luna was inspired by a cold autumn evening gazing at the moon.

The name means 'lonely moon' in Latin and I imagined the surface of the moon to be covered in the little ghosts you see here, lost souls forever wandering and looking down on the Earth from afar.

Mousehold VVitches

Mousehold VVitches was inspired by a place called Mousehold Heath in Norwich, Norfolk. It's a large heath land in the centre of the city that has lots of twists and turns and winding paths. There is a large ancient tree near the top of the hill that overlooks the city that features in this print.

Given Norwich's connection to the Salem witch trials and the amount of history that the City is steeped in, I could easily imagine witches around a fire on a cold night on the heath celebrating nature. You can see the skyline of Norwich, including Norwich Castle, on the left of the print.

The border and lettering is inspired by pages from old books on the witchcraft trials and the spelling (using two letter 'v's instead of a 'w') is from the Jacobean Era spelling of the word 'witch' that has been found on pamphlets from the time.

In the slideshow below you can see some of my smaller lino prints, all hand printed in my little Norwich studio.

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