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Hinterland is the first in a series of prints that I've designed and then had professionally printed. It is an A4 Giclée print.


Hinterland means an area lying beyond what is visible or known. I am a big fan of the Director David Lynch and I wanted to incorporate a dash of his genius weirdness into this print.

The print is dark in its message that 'she found her confidence at last' only after death. I imagined part of her soul floating upwards in the tiny bubbles you see into the ether and the rest entering the large moth that has the letters 'beau' (short for beautiful) hidden in the pattern on its wing.

The Witch of East Somerton

This is an A4 Giclée print based upon a fascinating tale of Norfolk folklore about the Witch of East Somerton.

Based on the ruins of St. Mary's Church in the Norfolk village of East Somerton, local folklore has it that a Witch was buried alive in the Church by villagers and her wooden leg grew into a giant oak tree that destroyed the Church.

This print is my take on this tale. I have hidden the constellation of the Witch Head Nebula in the sky above the Church and drawn tiny Norfolk flint rocks to cover the Church walls.

You can read the original article by Weird Norfolk here.

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