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Snowdrops original linocut print Pfeil tool green art by Haychley Webb at Stellabox Designs

What is linocut printmaking?


Linocut is a relief printmaking technique in which a design or pattern is carved into a sheet of linoleum using a variety of sharp hand held tools, often V and U shaped tools. Ink is then rolled onto a glass plate and a brayer is used to apply ink to the carved block surface. A sheet of paper is applied to the top of the inked block and a wooden spoon/baren/printing press used to transfer the ink onto the paper. Linocut as a printmaking art form began in the twentieth century and has been used by many prominent artists including Pablo Picasso.

Part of my ethos as an artist is to share linocut printmaking and hopefully inspire others to take up such a mindful medium- hence beginning this series here on my website.

I will be posting new tips and tutorials on printmaking every other week (beginning April 1st 2023).

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